E-STET Company Retreat 2016

E-STETers momentarily escaped the bustling streets of Downtown LA to the picturesque hills of Topanga Canyon for the company’s annual retreat in August. This year’s retreat was filled with many activities designed to spark self-exploration, set team goals, and help E-STETers get to know one another better.  
Here are a few photos from the retreat.

The team gathered on the patio for a family-style dinner and lively discussion of favorite E-STET memories. Each person was asked to describe a time E-STET was at its best. This unearthed themes of inclusiveness and collaboration, as well as a can-do attitude that continues to guide the company’s innovative spirit today. 

E-STETers were given the opportunity to work on a number of team-building activities, which focused on the company’s mission, values, and goals. 

Everyone contributed to the E-STET timeline. E-STETers marked down their respective hire dates and many reflected on momentous occasions in the company’s history. 

Our "chefs" cooked up a delicious lunch by the pool! E-STET’s President Mike Dunn (left) and Chief Operating Officer Bhuvan Singh (right).

In the last few months, the E-STET team has welcomed a number of new faces, but the company has not lost its close-knit vibe. The retreat helped us renew our focus on our core values and our mission to make the practice of law more efficient